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About Us

We started in 2003 in Venezuela as Evolution Imagen y Eventos, C.A.; since our inception, we have been offering comprehensive solutions for special events, focusing on event decoration and ambiance design to convey the intended message.

Since 2015, we began training colleagues in the world of special events and created our academy to provide education to our staff and peers throughout Latin America and the United States, sharing techniques with those who wish to learn about the world of events.

In 2018, we opened EIE Design LLC in the city of Miami to serve clients in South Florida, which has led us to conduct special events and training sessions in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Orlando, and New Jersey.

Our goal is to design and decorate spaces entirely to create stunning and elegant environments. We aim to create pleasant experiences that both guests and hosts will remember for a long time.


We provide tangible and intangible products to set the ambiance and decorate special events, meeting our clients' needs in every event we design. Our focus is on maximizing profitability with excellent quality raw materials, offering the best cost-benefit ratio.


To establish ourselves as the most sought-after event design company in South Florida and expand our services to major cities in the USA. Our focus is on sustainable profitability that allows us to create employment opportunities through the quality of our services.


To help our clients convey messages through event decoration and ambiance.


  • To bring our floral designs to people who want to give or appreciate the beauty of flowers.
  • To create beauty-filled experiences for our clients and their guests.
  • To share our knowledge and techniques with as many colleagues in the USA and around the world through our academy.
  • To generate employment and train our team to be the most efficient and prepared in the USA.
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